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Metal Type Health Lifestyle
The Metal Element and body lifestyle   A patient of mine, a metal constitutional type, also known as a metal CF (constitutional factor), asked me: “InRead More »
Integrative BodyWork Creative expression
Integrative Bodywork Many people don’t know what the term bodywork means and even fewer understand the term integrative bodywork. In this article I will takeRead More »
Is Homeopathy safe? Does it work? Is Homeopathy real science? We’ll be answering all of those questions here.  We'll also address 12 common misconceptions about Homeopathy.Read More »
Yaakov Wieder has a unique and rare style of integrating various forms of healing modalities. Whether I had chronic pain, acute pain, trauma, visceral pain,Read More »
Cherry plant
What to eat? How much? And when? Deciding what to eat can be a very challenging and complex topic for many people. There are unlimitedRead More »