Acupuncture in Jerusalem – The Chen VaChesed Clinic

Acupuncture in Jerusalem - The Chen VaChesed Clinic

What To Expect In A Session With Yaakov Wieder

The first session usually takes 2 hours.  It includes an extensive interview, physical examination, and Chinese pulse diagnoses.  One of the most important goals is to decide as quickly as possible which modalities of treatment are most important to create an individual treatment plan.  For most people we start with a set of 10 needles inserted superficially on the back, corresponding to the 5 main organs in Chinese medicine. This is to drain toxic, nervous or chaotic energy which might otherwise block the effectiveness of future treatments. After four sessions, a homeopathic remedy is usually prescribed and the frequency of visits is reduced.

Children and infants are treated with homeopathy and cranio-sacral therapy unless another modality is clearly indicated.

It is not unusual to feel some fatigue after a session, therefore it is recommended to allow some time for rest, minimization of stressful activity and to drink plenty of water and eat sensibly after your treatment. Occasionally there is a temporary aggravation of symptoms.  This is usually a positive sign that the body is detoxing, re-balancing and usually passes quickly.