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Acupuncture in Jerusalem - The Chen VaChesed Clinic


Our Clients say it best

Below are testimonials from some of our loyal clients. Most numbers can be provided upon request. Make sure to check out our trustpilot page for more reviews.

“Yaakov Wieder is an exceptional healer. Shunning the Western notions that pain and chronic disease is either to be managed via heavy drugs or simply to be endured, Yaakov is uncompromising that a pain free, disease free existence is attainable. With persistence, modesty, and honesty, Yaakov has gifted the Jewish world for over 30 years with his multifaceted practice.” B.H. Long Island, NY

Our Trustpilot Reviews

We recently began receiving reviews on Trustpilot. Thanks to our wonderful clients (and hopefully our service) for giving us an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot. When it comes to Acupuncture, you should only choose the best in the field. If you’re in Jerusalem and you need healing, give us a call! You can also fill out the form on the side of the page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Five Star Trustpilot rating for Acupuncture clinic

Client with Migraines

“I came to Yaakov thinking that 8 migraines a month was great. That is because it was down from 28 per month with the use of very heavy drugs. Now, a short few months later, I have maybe one per month. Yaakov insists that I can be migraine free…and I believe him. I take no daily medication, am happier, and more productive at work.  Oh and just for the record, my sciatica has improved greatly.” J.G., New York, NY


“We came to Yaakov Wieder because for the second time in the year our 2½ year old was suffering from a very bad case of pinworms.” “We’d given her three consecutive doses of Vermox as per our pediatrician’s directions but nothing improved, and she was so distressed she even couldn’t sleep at night.”  After the first treatment Yaakov recommended a homeopathic remedy for her. Within hours of giving her the remedy, she was a different child. She was more communicative, saying new words and stringing sentences together in a way she hadn’t done before then. She was more upbeat and at peace, throwing less tantrums, fighting less with her sister, more open to affection and waking up from naps pleasantly instead of crying as she used to. Thankfully, within a day or two the pinworms had disappeared!” G.D., Hod Hasharon, Israel

Multiple Sclerosis

Through Divine Providence, I found out about Reb Yaakov Wieder’s acupuncture services, shortly after being diagnosed with M.S. When I first went to him, I was broken-spirited and physically very weak. Since I have been receiving treatments, I have noticed a drastic change in my physical abilities and my overall well-being. And this is all without medication! Reb Wieder is truly a G-d sent miracle worker! I highly recommend his services. –O.S.

Emotional Healing

“I am a nurse/counselor for over 35 years. I have recommended many clients to treated by Yaakov Wieder and have had treatments myself.  Yaakov is exceptionally caring and gentle. He strives to meet each person’s individual needs. After having treatments with Yaakov I have seen my clients are able to open up deep issues and heal them more easily and completely. I personally found the treatments rejuvenated me and increased my levels of physical and inner strength. I highly recommend Yaakov his dedication and expertise can be lifesaving.” M.G, Jerusalem Israel

Pregnancy and Labor Support

I was a patient of Dr. Yaakov for many years, not only did he initially help me with physical pain, but his treatments ultimately helped me on every level, emotional, mental and spiritually I was very appreciative to have him at my birth.  I did not want to have a medically induced labor, so he came to the hospital and induced me via acupuncture, and then continued to help with labor pain. In total I was in labor for close to 36 hours, in the end I had an emergency c-section.  I was so glad to have Yaakov there to give my baby a cranio- sacral treatment right away.  I will always appreciate how tznius and respectful Yaakov was maintaining a kind and professional atmosphere, and how truly G-d fearing he is with his practice.  I learned a lot about myself through his treatments and as a result if seeing the effectiveness and help acupuncture can give someone I am learning to be a practitioner as well.  RO

Foot Pain

It is my pleasure and privilege to share my deep gratitude to Yaakov Wieder for his being such a worthy and competent conduit for Hashem’s healing to come into the world for myself and my family. R’ Yaakov is extremely gifted and talented in his multi-faceted skills that he is able to use in many different ways in a single session. He is very professional in his demeanor and presence and is clearly completely given over to being with each client as needed. He is also very sensitive and intuitive in his hearing what the needs of the body and soul are to bring the person into proper balance so that his body, with Hashem’s help, can achieve greater degrees of health and homeostasis. Personally, I have had not one but two diagnosed heel spurs — one on each side of my body — a condition that according to all of the literature is permanent and not treatable except symptomatically to deal with the pain. In each case, within two months, both conditions were and are completely healed, with Hashem’s help.   can say unequivocally that providing that R’ Yaakov is the designated conduit for Hashem’s healing; he is an appropriate avenue for healing efforts. SC

Personal Growth/Emotional Healing

Dear Yaakov,
“Your treatments lit a fire in my heart where i never knew feelings could exist. When I began seeing you I was so detached from my emotional world, from sadness to joy and everything in between. You said you would put a needle called, ‘flowing waters’ in my chest….and from then on, everything changed. I can feel now in incredible ways. I can say I’m alive. Thank you for rekindling that flame.
wishing you utmost hatzlacha!  a) Before calling a psychologist, try Yaakov Wieder. in my experience, there’s no comparison: Yaakov’s results are better and much faster. After one treatment, a child suffering from almost daily depression went a week with only one down day. After the second treatment, the depression had disappeared.
b) After the first treatment, I looked in the mirror and I saw a different person. Yaakov Wieder put a song in my heart and a spring in my step.
c) Warm, supportive, gentle hands – and a nourishing spirit. I was amazed at the speed of improvement.
I’ve read several professional books on five-element acupuncture, including by Professor Worsley, who trained Yaakov, and I was sure I knew which element I was. Yaakov showed me I was wrong. I’m impressed with Yaakov’s depth of knowledge and expert intuition in applying the approach. DS

Shalom Bayis – Emotional Healing

We wanted to share with you, my wife and I, our gratitude for the excellent care that we received from you.  We arrived in a very difficult situation, physically, mentally, and our marriage.   We were unable to find a solution from the many other methods that helped us a lot in the past.   They did not seem to get to the root of our problems.  In your treatments the difficult things came out …  You released the pain to be revealed, and gave us the strength to persevere .  You renewed for us our body, mind and spirit.  And all of it, with a smile and a depth of faith.  Baruch HaShem, we, our home and all those who are dear to us owe you a tremendous thank you.  Thank you for being a faithful “shaliach” and doing a wonderful job.   S.L., Telzstone, Israel

Fibromyalgia/Surgical Trauma

to whom it may concern:    I cannot recommend Yaakov Wieder more highly, both as an acupuncturist and for his homeopathic treatments.  For myself, as a fibromyalgia sufferer, I was at a point where I could not climb the two flights to my apartment, nor lift a pot on the stove, and was constantly battling falling asleep at any moment. The first treatment I received from Yaakov was long and intense, and the day after it, I was quite sick. However, he reassured me that this was normal, and that after some rest, it will settle into a good place. indeed it did! After eight treatments, I was totally pain free, and did not need any more treatment for about five years, after which I went to Yaakov for a “tune up”, and did that about three times in the over 20 years since then. For my daughter, when she was three, she needed to have an operation on an inguinal hernia. When she was brought out of anesthesia, she began to behave in wild hysterical ways, raging for hours. This, evidently, was a by-product of the anesthesia, and the hospital did not follow the correct procedures, so we were left with a raging three year old, who did not calm for hours, and was triggered by almost anything. In desperation, we took her to Yaakov for treatment, and he treated her homeopathically. After taking six tiny pills, in less than half an hour, we got our daughter back, and we did everything in order not to “antidote” the treatment. She returned to her normal, spirited and loving self and we were incredibly grateful…. however, shortly before the thirty days we needed to keep her from the “antidotes,” she ate and drank things she shouldn’t, and we had our raging child back on our hands. After consulting with Yaakov, we gave her six more little pills, and again the “magic” happened, and she calmed within less than an hour, and we were VERY VERY careful not to give her anything which would harm this treatment. The behavior never returned, thank G-D!
I recommend Yaakov, and his expert treatments.  LCH

M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) Cured Completely

When I first started going to Yaakov Wieder, at the age of 52, I had multiple sclerosis and was walking with a cane because of an extremely painful knee which was not related to the MS. I was unable to work and barely functioned in the house.  Within 2 years, I was off the weekly injections I was getting for the MS and still had some pain in my knee but had no need for the cane.  Now 5 years later I am working with elderly Alzheimer patients in a day care center. I am there 5 days a week from 7:30-3:00 and on my feet most of the day. I am able to run errands for my elderly father and to do what-ever needs to be done in my home.  I am extremely grateful for the care and time that Yaakov Wieder has devoted to my health issues. I highly recommend him and his unique system of individual care.  He uses his skills to enable each patients healing process, both physically and emotionally.  CS


I was under the care of my therapist and was not moving forward at all. I was severely depressed and loaded up with medication. I was not able to function not even to look at my children let alone take care of them. My therapist then sent me to Yaakov Wieder. Within two or three sessions I was feeling better. We were able to adjust my medications to a minimal dose and slowly I began to emerge from my solitude. I continued to work in conjunction with my therapist. Today I work full time and spend my free time enjoying my beautiful family.  Mrs. J.

Stomach Pain – Helicobacter

Dear Yaakov,

This is to give my heart felt thanks.  I had suffered for a long time from a stomach infection, thought to be caused by bacteria called Helicobacter.  Several times I took strong antibiotics and there was no positive change at all.  Then I came to you for 3 treatments primarily of acupuncture and took some tablets of oregano oil and I was healed.  |After the treatment I went for a blood test and there was no trace of the bacteria.  I bless you that you will always be able to help and that your treatments should be successful for all. Shimon, Tzfat

Family Care

Here’s our story: I had been suffering from many negative emotions for years, despite several years of efforts to change that. After a few-minute session with Dr. Weider, there were miraculous results. A pool of negative emotions that I carried for years was suddenly evaporated. With minimum follow-up work, the wonderful effects have lasted for many months with no sign of letting up. I did not know such a thing was possible.  After that, we were so impressed that we brought several other family members for treatment and we continued to see excellent results. This includes our son who had always seemed weak, and is now much stronger and healthier. For years, a second son had not been able to function in school without Ritalin. Now, thanks to Yaakov Weider, he no longer needs Ritalin to function well. This has been an answer to our tefillos! We are very thankful to Dr. Weider for his dedication, broad knowledge of healing, and unbelievable effectiveness.” M.A., Jerusalem Israel

Depression/ childhood trauma

באתי בזה להודות למע“כ שהיית השליח נכון לעזור לאשתי שתחי‘, היא סבלה מדכאון מעגמת נפש נפשי מהחינוך שקבלה בנעוריה מאביה שיחיה ומאמיה ע“ה. אחרי הטיפולים שלך היא חזרה לכוחותיה ותפקדה כמו אשה רגילה לי ולמשפחתי. כמו כן בהריון האחרונה היתה לה כמה בעיות כולל לחץ דם גבוה מאוד ואחרי הטיפול שלך הכל הסתדר וילדה בשעה טובה ומוצלחת תינוק ברי וגם היא בריאה ב“ה. הייתי ממליץ לעוד הרבה אנשים עם כל מיני בעיות לפני שלוקחים כדורים וכו‘ לבוא לך לטיפול, ראיתי בעצמי איך שיש לך הרבה סייעתא דשמיא.  ואסיים בברכת הדיוט שתזכה לעזור עוד ועוד יהודים.    מב

Stress/ Back pain

A number of years ago, I was in a difficult situation .I wanted to divorce but my wife would not accept a get.  This caused much tension. I had severe backaches. I tried different treatments with little success. Then I met Yaakov Wieder. After a few weekly sessions there was a noticeable difference.  After a few more sessions the pain was almost gone.  Today I am BSD free of back pain.  I like the fact that Yaakov works professionally and  always begins each session with a heartfelt tefilla.  P.A.

Kidney Stones

 I was in terrible pain.  The doctor diagnosed  kidney stones. Yaakov Wieder gave me one treatment which included both acupuncture and homeopathy.  The pain decreased; and within 24 hours, the kidney stones had passed. RN

Sleep Difficulties

Yaakov's most dramatic and important help to me has been with insomnia.  For years I had tried almost every known treatment:  meditation, reflexology, herbs, conventional drugs, homeopathy, warm milk, visualization.  Everything helped only for a short while.  Yaakov found a homeopathic treatment that dealt with deep issues relating to my being the child of a Holocaust survivor.  That dealt not only with insomnia but also with latent anxiety.  As the issues resurface, he has to tweak the treatment, but he  found the core problem and dealt with it.  Along the way, he's also helped with smaller health issues such as colds, headaches, vertigo, and car sickness.  Thank you, Yaakov! SM

Urinary Obstruction

I have two reasons to be grateful to you; my wife's wellbeing and mine. Truth be said, as the Aish Kodesh zt'l hy'd wrote during World War II (not a quote but this was the idea), one does not understand the suffering of others until unfortunately he suffers himself. In this instance, it is the other way around, that I did not fully appreciate the tremendous benefits that your healing had for my wife until I experienced it myself. I will not in this message go into all the details of my own experience and will just state that I was literally on my way to the emergency room to have a catheter inserted when my wife was in touch with you. You told her that you would check out if you felt you could help me, called us back some 20-30 minutes later and forthrightly told us that you might be able to help. That was enough for me to hear. I came to you and after treatment was able to go home as opposed to the emergency room. As I said, feel free to pass this on to anyone you think it would help to hear this and feel free as well to give them my phone number if they wish to speak with me directly.  SD