Acupuncture in Jerusalem – The Chen VaChesed Clinic

Acupuncture in Jerusalem - The Chen VaChesed Clinic

Case Studies

The following case studies are only a few of the many successes we have achieved with patients both young and old and from diverse backgrounds from schools teachers to truck drivers and medical doctors to infants. (The names and some details have been omitted to protect patient confidentiality).

Mr. Y came to us unable to speak coherently with occasional stuttering and in a deep depression with the diagnosis of OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Yaakov began to treat him and immediately we saw an improvement. After two or three treatments, he was able to help himself express himself better and he began to function. He has stopped stuttering at all and is eating better. He is able to daven a bit more and is even able to learn a small amount.

Mrs. R stumbled into the office with tears in her eyes complaining of horrendous back pain with a diagnosis of a slipped disc. She was unable to straighten up and could not function in her home at all. After one treatment of acupuncture and cranio-sacral she was able to straighten up and to walk without stumbling. Over the course of several months she continued to improve despite the complications that had been caused by several past surgeries including removal of a brain tumor. Despite her tremendous progress she still was complaining of leg pain and various other neurological difficulties. Yaakov then decided to give her a homeopathic remedy. We saw immediate improvement in all areas. She can function at home now; her leg pain and many other difficulties have significantly approved. B’chasdeh Hashem

Mrs. P came in for treatment for severe leg pain. At that time she was stuck in a very unhappy marriage and was so depressed she was only able to take care of her very basic needs. She was unable to move forward in anyway. She was treated by Yaakov and she began to feel much better. The treatments not only helped her physical pain but have helped heal her many of her emotional scars. She divorced her husband and began to focus on building a happy new life.  She continued to come in every few months for chizuk and balance. She has gotten remarried and feels that her emotional and physical health is intact. She is very grateful to Hashem and Yaakov for her new lease on life. B’chasdeh Hashem.

Mr. G had stenosis in lower back with sharp shooting pains down his back and lower legs. There was great improvement after one treatment; despite the fact the x-ray’s showed stenosis in his lower spine and two lower vertebrae had been surgically fused. After three sessions the pain was completely gone and he was able to function normally.  He was amazed and very grateful to have made such wonderful progress; especially after the trauma he had experience after his back surgery. To this day he is doing very well. B’chasdeh Hashem.

Mr. A was a happily married avrech with a good marriage and three children. He was occasional having thoughts about homosexuals and was bothered by these thoughts all the time. After 3 sessions with Yaakov this thoughts were completely gone and he has remained happily married to this day. B’chasdeh Hashem.

Mr. S (Z”l) came to Yaakov for extreme neck pain. The x-ray’s showed so many bony spur that he was given a poor prognosis even with surgery. After 2 weeks of treatment Mr. S was able to play tennis. He remained in treatment for about a year coming in as needed and he was able to grapple with his childhood memories of abuse. At the last session Yaakov treated both him and his wife together and the marriage became more shlemus. B’chasdeh Hashem.

After Mr. W was niftar Yaakov treated the mother and most of the children. He was able to help them grapple with their terrible grief and anger. He treated them for a variety of physical and emotional issues. To this day the mom and some of family come in for chizuk. B’chasdeh Hashem.

Mrs. C came in with an initial diagnosis of early MS – gait difficulty and visual disturbances. After the initial series of session these symptoms completely disappeared. The only remaining issue she has is a sight hip imbalance which does not cause her any distress. She comes now occasionally to have chizuk.  B’chasdeh Hashem.

Mr. M initially came for acupuncture for a flu episode. At age seven he had a brain tumor removed and had been working with another therapist trying to correct extreme imbalances from his left to right and musculo-skeletal rigidity. He decided to join Yaakov’s yoga class where Yaakov suspected that one of his legs was significantly shorter then the other. After being treated regularly and prescribed temporary lifts for the short leg, the difference in his feet is now less then half a centimeter (down from almost three)which might be congenital. He is much more balanced and flexible even more then the average person. He also has made tremendous strides in his self-confidence and self-respect. When he first came to treatments he was resentful, painfully shy and isolated. Today he has a much better sense of self and is able to communicate with others. B’Chasdeh Hashem.