Acupuncture in Jerusalem – The Chen VaChesed Clinic

Acupuncture in Jerusalem - The Chen VaChesed Clinic

Conditions Treated

Yaakov Wieder’s approach can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions including but not limited to the following:

Medical Disclaimer

Internal Conditions    
Sinusitis Indigestion Constipation
Chronic fatigue Hemorrhoids Tension headaches
Asthma Insomnia Migraines
Hypetension Crohn’s Eczema
Multiple Sclerosis Nervous Disorders Tinnitus
Uro-Genital Infections Palpitations Vertigo
Bell’s Palsy IBS Paralysis
Internal Structures    
Knee pain Foot pain Tennis Elbow
Slipped disc Arthritis Carpal Tunnels Syndrome
Back pain Rheumatism Sciatica
Infectious Conditions    
Influenza Shingles Infectious Common Cold
Pneumonia Mono Diarrhea/Vomiting
Emotional Issues    
Anxiety Depression OCD
PTSD Sexual Abuse Grief
Life Transitions Emotional Suppression Fears
Anger Co-dependency Impotence
Women’s Health    
Amenorrhea PMS Menopause
Irregular Periods Morning Sickness Lactation Problems
Cystitis Labor Induction Uterine Prolapse
Mastitis Prolonged Labor Breech
Endometriosis Habitual Miscarriage  
Children’s Health    
ADD/ADHD Digestive System Developmental issues
Bed Wetting Ear Infections Vaccine Reactions
Colic Birth trauma Teething
Alcohol and Drug, Sex Food Tobacco
Eating Disorders    
Binge Eating Bulimia Anorexia
Other Issues    
Boundary Issues Spiritual malaise or Confusion Stress
Feeling Ungrounded,  Spacey, Disconnected, Uncentered Gender Issues Tension


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